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Tax Planning

Tax Planning for Businesses & Individuals in Manalapan

woman working with calculator and finance documentsRegardless if you are an individual or a small to mid-sized business owner, you still have to pay taxes. With current tax laws and regulations changing every year, filing becomes more complicated. If your situation involves significant changes in your life or business, these can further impact your taxes.

At ALM Accounting, Tax & CFO Services, we specialize in tax planning for complex needs. Our full-service accounting firm is led by our founder Almira Hoovert, CPA and certified tax coach. She believes in creating practical strategies designed to benefit you year-round. We work closely with businesses of all industries and individuals throughout Manalapan. We use our expertise to navigate you through the complexities of tax regulations, helping you understand your obligations and maximizing your returns.

Our professional tax planners work with you to discover the best ways to successfully and legally reduce your liability while avoiding potential problems with the IRS. Our goal is to help you save more on your taxes, no matter how complex your current situation. Contact ALM Accounting, Tax & CFO Services to get started today!

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Strategic Tax Planning Services From Our Manalapan Experts

Tactical tax planning should focus on finding opportunities that result in lower tax rates for the future. Our tax planning services include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax Planning for Small to Mid-Sized Business
  • Business Entity Selection
  • Planning for LLCs, S & C-Corps, Sole Proprietors & Partnerships
  • Individual Tax Planning
  • Tax Planning for Gifts & Trusts
  • Estate Planning

At ALM Accounting, Tax & CFO Services, we begin with detailed consultations, getting to know you and your business. Our team conducts in-depth evaluations of your personal and professional financial situation. This includes building a realistic estimate of your tax liability. We look out for opportunities such as determining any deductions and exemptions for which you may qualify.

Tax Planning for Businesses

open sign on store doorBusiness owners, face complex tax restrictions, which only seem to increase. These limitations can cut deep into your company's bottom line. With having to file quarterly and yearly, tax planning can take up significant time and energy that could better be spent on vital business projects.

When you work with ALM Accounting, Tax & CFO Services, we take time getting to know the specifics of your business and build a sound strategy form there. You can rest assured that we will help you adapt to changes in tax laws, filing correctly and on-time, and plan for reducing your business tax burden.

Tax-Saving Strategies for Businesses

Your business is as unique as you are, which is why we never approach tax-planning the same way twice. Planning for your company's taxes means we implement solutions based on your specific business structure, industry, and market. We combine your business details as we analyze your cash flow, expenses, and overall financial situation.

We implement common business strategies, including choosing a better entity, classifying expenses, deferring revenue, inventory tax planning, and discovering opportunities for fixed assets.

Individual Tax Planning

man working with laptop while holding coffee cupPersonal taxes are often just as complex, especially when you own your own business. When you start diversifying by adding property, dependents, investments, and saving for retirement, they only get trickier from there. Our team at ALM Accounting, Tax & CFO Services takes complicated regulations and breaks them down, helping you manage, make sense of, and implement effective tax-saving strategies.

Significant life changes often impact personal taxes, as well. Sometimes, these situations can provide new opportunities for tax deductions, increasing your expected return. Other times, life changes can increase your liability. Whatever situations life throws your way, we can help you report them correctly, reducing potential problems with the IRS.

7 Life Events That Can Change Your Taxes

The following are seven of the most common life events that impact your tax status:

  1. Buying a home or investing in real estate
  2. Having children
  3. You or your partner getting a promotion or new job
  4. Getting married or divorced
  5. Experiencing a natural disaster
  6. Inheriting money, property, or other assets
  7. Reaching retirement

Our team keeps up with changing tax laws and applies them as your life evolves. This includes using investment options and retirement planning. Using distribution between family members, or to another year, or contributions, can help produce income that is tax exempt.

Gift, Trust & Estate Tax Planning

Individual tax planning involves protecting your legacy for your loved ones by planning your estate. Whether your goals include distributing family assets, passing on your business, or charitable giving after death, planning can helps ensure all wishes are carried out after your passing. At ALM Accounting, Tax & CFO Services, we do this by creating strategies designed to help you minimize taxes on your estate.

Tax Planning Specializing in Business & Individual Needs

Our team at ALM Accounting, Tax & CFO Services provides tactful strategies and industry insight to help protect your finances and taxable income at every stage of life. We continue to perfect our tax planning solutions to help save you money. We proudly assist small to mid-sized business owners, and individuals throughout Manalapan achieve lasting success and prosperity. To discover how professional tax planning can help you, contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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